Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to add a link, an image and an image with a link

Adding links and images are probably the most common things you will want to do in a blog post.

Adding a link

If you're mentioning another website in your post it's a great idea to provide a link so that your readers can go and check it out.

1. Go to the webpage you want to link to and copy the URL (the www. bit)

2. Come back to your blog post and select the text you would like to be the link.

3. Click on the link button in the toolbar at the top, which brings up a box like this:

In the text to display box it should have the text you've selected. Paste the URL that you copied into the web address box. If you want this link to open in a new window (rather than redirecting the current window) check the open in new window box.

4. Click ok and your text is now a link. The link won't work in preview mode, but check that it works once you have published your post. 

Adding an image

I read recently that every blog post should ideally have an image. And it's really simple to add one. 

1. Click the add an image button on the toolbar 

2. You can choose either to add an image that is saved on your computer, or an image from elsewhere on the web. To use one from your computer click 'choose file' and select the image you want, then press 'add selected'. To use one from another website, click on 'from a url' at the bottom of the left hand menu and paste in the url of the image you want to use (note, this is the url of the IMAGE not the webpage - if you're on a PC right click on the image and choose copy image url). 

3. Now you have an image in your blog post. If you click on it you will get some options underneath that allow you to change the size and alignment of the image or add a caption. 

Adding a link to your image

What if you want someone to be directed to another webpage when they click on an image, rather than needing to put a text link underneath? 

1. Add the image you want

2. Click on the image so that it is selected. Click the link button on the toolbar. If nothing happens, click the image and then the link button again.

3. Copy and paste the website url into the web address box, just like adding a link. This time however the text to display box should be empty. Click ok. 

4. Your picture is now a link. The link won't work in preview mode, but check that it does work once you have published your post. 

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